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Ram Navami SMS

Lord Rama’s influence would have been manifold if he was born in this technologically advanced age. If you wish to celebrate Ram Navami, you have better options with digital aids now. Even if you do not know the Bhajans or Mantras required conducting the puja, you can opt for them in a digitally recorded format to be played over a music player. Life has become much easier with technology.

Similarly, wishing and greeting family and friends on the occasion of Ram Navami has become simpler with the help of mobile phones. You can text them via SMS or send them digitally enhanced messages via MMS.

It is not always possible for friends and relatives to get together during celebrations, no matter how much you want it. A celebration feels incomplete without good wishes from the people you love.

With the advent of SMS, this slight quandary has been remedied. You can reach out to the extreme corners of the earth covered by cellular network in a matter of seconds by SMS. Now you can add an extra spark to your Ram Navami celebration with the help of a beautiful SMS. You can choose the message that suits your mood from a wide array of SMS available.

Here Are A Few Ram Navami SMS for you:

  • “Here we all hope earnestly that your
    Life be brightened with the divine and choicest
    Blessing Of Lord Rama
    Happy Ram Navami”
  • “Jante Hai Sabhi Ram Sevak Hun,
    Naam Mera Hanuman Hai
    Bair Kare Jo Mere Prabhu Se,
    Meri Mutthi Me Us Dusht Ke Pran Hai
    Jinke Naam Se Jal Me Patthar Taire
    Tu Bhi Tar Jaye,
    Re Bande Kaha Tera Dhyaan Hai.
    Jai Shri Ram Happy Ram Navami.”
  • “Without Ram…
    Our week would be
    Seven days without Lord Ram….
    This Week Don’t let it happen..
    And Celebrate Ram Navmi…”
  • “Ram Navami Hai Aaj,
    Bada Pavan Din Hai Aaj,
    Lo Milke Ek Vachan Aaj,
    Na Karenge Kisiko Dukhi Kabhi,
    To Ho Jaye Pura Jivan Aabad.
    Happy Ram Navami.”
  • “Bhaji mann Ram siyapati,
    Raghukul eese,
    Deen bandhu dukh taaran,
    Ram kisi bhaanti bhaji,
    Ravan ki reeti taji.
    Jai Shri Ram!
    Happy Ram Navami”
  • “The only problem is that it doesn’t come with a map
    We have to find our own way to reach the destination
    May Lord Ram be your map.
    Happy Ram Navami”
  • “May You Be Blessed On The Birth Of Lord Rama To King Dasharatha And Queen Kausalya Of
    Ayodhya! A Very Blessed Ram Navami To You And Your Family!”
  • “Bajre Ki Roti, Aam Ka Achar,
    Suraj Ki Kirne, Khushiyo
    Ki Bahar, Chanda Ki Chandni,
    Apano Ka Pyar, Mubarak Ho
    Aapko Ramanavami Ka Tyohar”
  • “Jinke man me SHRI RAM hai
    Bhagya me uske baikunth dham hai
    Unke charno me jisne jivan vaar diya
    Sansar me uska kalyan hai.
    Ram Navmi ki Badhai!”
  • “Let us pray sacred mantras, in the praise of eternal savior” - Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.
    Wish you be accompanied with auspiciousness and blessings of Ram Navami.”